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Sterilizations and castrations

All cats leaving the Cat's Hut are neutered, if it's allowed by their age. One of our goals is a progressive reduction of the population of homeless cats in Sosnowiec.

Unfortunately, for excessive fertilityof homless cats we cannot blame only the animals,  but also, and perhaps above all, lack of responsibility of the owners or carers.

The man is the one that should take care of vulnerable animals and take responsibility for their lives. Each year, many dogs and cats are killed or tragically die  because of care or just because there is not enough loving homes for all these homeless animals.

The best solution to these sad stories is a castration-procedure involving surgical removal of the animal organs: ovaries and uterus of female cats and dogs, and testes of the male ones.


Medical reasons

Neutering of male animals prevents testicular cancer, hernia formation and disorders of the prostate.
Female castration prevents false pregnancies, and many serious diseases such as mammary tumor, genital cancer, pyometra.

Positive changes in behavior:

Castrated male becomes less excitable and aggressive, decreases or even completely looses territorial behaviour or aggression (fighting between groups of entire (uncastrated) males of a species), is not at risk of loosing his live when attempting to get to nearby females of the species. The surgery performed in males eliminates the habit of urine spraying in rooms where they reside.

Females that are not spayed experience heat cycles which are considered a major nuisance factor.They  last about three weeks, females can leave traces of blood throughout the apartment, become anxious, aggressive and prone to escape. Its smell attracts males who are looking for companionship and can roam long distances in herds, spending hours howling under the window.

Non-spayed female cat means a crying lasting several days and repeated after a week break. Females in heat will search out male cats and may attempt to escape from the house, putting them in the danger of traffic, fights with other animals. Often there is a sudden influx of male cats around the home and yard. The howling at 2 a.m. is not the most pleasant music you wish to listen to at the night time. 
In order to obtain details of castration / sterilization of a pet, contact your veterinarian.

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